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Product description

Newest 7 in 1 no invasive ultrasound HIFU beauty machine for face lifting and body slimming7D hifu high-energy focused ultrasound system has a smaller focus point than other HIFU devices. With more accurately transmits high-energy focused ultrasound energy at 65~75°C to the target skin tissue layer, which results in a thermal coagulation effect without harming surrounding tissues. While stimulating the proliferation of collagen and elastin fibers, it greatly improves comfort and gives you a perfect V face with the skin plump, firm, and elastic.

Q1. Does this hifu 7D machine really melt fat?
A1. Proper HIFU procedure can reduce fats on the face/body when done properly with the right handpieces.

Q2. What is it like in comparison to other anti-aging treatments?
A2. It’s non-invasive, non-surgical, and medical grade. It doesn’t just lift the skin topically but goes right down to the deep muscle layer underneath, and is the only modality that’s completely safe around the eyes. Ultrasound is generally used to view babies, so you can imagine how safe it must be. It also works out cheaper than injectable fillers, and other anti-aging treatments.

Q3.How long do the 7D hifu results last?
A3. The results are long-lasting. Following your treatment, you’ll instantly see the difference and as your body goes through its collagen regeneration process, your complete result will continue to develop over three-to-six months. Severe skin laxity may need multiple treatments for best results and mild cases may only need yearly maintenance treatments – it all depends on your skin and its needs.


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