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IPL technology: IPL light enters the deep part of the hair follicle, the heat is absorbed by the hair follicle melanin, the pigment is decomposed, the hair is naturally peeled off, and the regeneration is inhibited. Long life: 999,999 flashes, enough to meet the body hair removal of 20 people. Five adjustable light settings: You can adjust the level based on skin area and hair growth. Painless and non-irritating: Avoid skin damage, redness and skin burns. Suitable for full body hair removal: including arms, underarms, bikinis, legs, back, face, etc.

1. You can’t use all the oil products at the same time. 2. You need to wear protective glasses, and you can’t look flashing light in your eyes. 3. the body surface scar, fragile skin or light sensitive skin please use carefully. 4. When the skin is slightly red, it is normal for you to apply ice or self-apply. 5. The use of light sensitive drugs (e.g. tetracycline, sulfa, etc.) is not recommended. 6. It is recommended that the higher the gear position, the better the effect, starting with the first gear, without damaging the skin. 7. There is a risk of delayed response, and there should be no increase in gear because the immediate response is not obvious. 8. The operation pays attention to the skin’s tonic sunscreen; to avoid ultraviolet radiation exposure, go out to do a good sun protection, coated isolation cream, and sunscreen protection. 9. Avoid makeup after use. Products with high chemical composition should be hydrated and hydrated by plants.


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