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Product description

MULTIFUNCTIONAL & SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPE OF SKIN: According to different skin types, suitably designed suction modes for dry skin, oily skin, and neutral skin. multifunctional probes can remove blackhead from different skin area. EASY TO CLEAN: Electric blackhead remover pore vacuum is made of ABS materials, The suction cups is removable and easy to clean.We recommend using it no more than 5 minutes each time, twice a week. USB PORTABLE CHARGING: No more worry about replacing batteries. You can easily charge it anywhere with USB cable. Perfect size easy to carry!

10X HD microscope pore usb charge wifi vacuum electronic suction visual blackhead remover machine with camera

4 Unique Heads

Our pore cleanser provides 4 suction cups and can be easily be replaced.

Small circular hole head:Remove blackhead, weaker suction, which is suitable for sensitive skin;

Large circular hole head: stronger suction, which is suitable for stubborn blackhead;

Oval hole head : make your skin more elastic and compact perfect for T zone;

MicrodermabrasionProbe: exfoliating keratin and dead skin, desalt scar.

Redefines Wireless Charging

Our pioneering technology delivers the Wireless charging speeds for BESTOPE New Upgraded blackhead remover, compact and portable design for your home or travel use. Ideal for removing acne and blackhead and will serve as a perfect gift to your loved ones.

LED Display & Super Long Standby Mode

Come with LED display and super long standby mode, only charged for 2 hours and can keep using it more than 3 hours. Our Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum has become particularly popular on the market. We are so confident that this will be the best Blackhead Removal Tool you every used.

Due to 30-60KPA super strong suction, it will perfectly remove all the blackhead, whitehead, pimples, impurities, and oil on the face.

6 Suction Levels

The level 1 to 2 is for sensitive skin and eliminates blackheads.
The level 3 to 4 is for neutral skin and deep blackheads. The level 5 to 6 is for mixed and oily skin, and deep-seated blackheads.

Precautions for use

1.Remember to apply your face with a steamer or a hot towel before use, so that the pores are fully opened, and the stubborn blackheads and softened oil can be easily absorbed. 2. Some people’s skin is more sensitive. It is recommended to choose a low gear when using for the first time, and then gradually increase the gear according to the skin condition; 3. Do not press the tip firmly on the skin to avoid skin damage; 4. Do not stay in the same area for more than 2s, it may cause skin purpleness and damage; 5. It is recommended to use the frequency 1-2 times a week, not more than 2s each time. 6. After the skin care is finished, the skin surface will have a slight irritation and redness, which is normal and will subside on its own in about 30 minutes. Please do adequate skin protection; 7. Not recommended for pregnant women, children, patients with skin diseases and people who have undergone facial cosmetic procedures; 8. Sensitive and fragile areas such as danger triangle, eye corner, eyelid are not recommended.


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