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Product description

Product DescriptionMoisturizing whitening anti wrinkles meso bb glow liquid foundation serum for mesotherapy solution

Product NameMeso bb glow liquid foundation serum
Main IngredientEGF Peptide, Whitening stem cell, AC stem cell, AQUA stem cell, Salmon DNA
FunctionMoisturizing Hydra,Firming,Nourishing
Volume8mlX12pieces, packed with box

​Using EffectsA. Shrink pores, improve skin texture and increase skin elasticity.
B. Remove and relieve fine lines such as the eyes and forehead.
C. Improve pigmentation.
D. Normalization of sebum secretion, restore skin oil balance.
liquid foundation – electric microneedle introduction method: Apply the liquid foundation to the face and then start the electric microneedle until the essence is introduced.

Precautions after operation

A. after the end of the operation, the face may appear reddish, different from person to person, is a normal phenomenon after the micro-needle, you can use the repair calm gel to apply the whole face or aseptic repair mask for cold compress

B. do not touch the water within 6-8 hours of staying in the foundation, the first 3 days of taboo spicy stimulation, seafood food, try not to make heavy makeup for the first 3 days, simple skin care can be

C. the operation time is about 10 days in between, the maintenance time varies from person to person, generally lasts for about 15 days. Every time the skin is done, the skin will be brightened to different degrees. The more times you do, the longer it will last.

Packing & Delivery

 Liquid foundation (BB Cream)BB SerumMixed
No.1 light * 2 vialsWhitening stem cell culture ampoule  * 3 vialsWhitening stem cell * 2 vials
No.1-2 light rose * 2 vialsAqua stem cell culture ampoule * 3 vialsAQUA stem cell * 1 vial
No.2 medium * 2 vialsSalmon DNA gold ampooule * 2 vialsSalmon DNA * 1 vial
No.2-2 medium 2 * 2 vialsAC (acne) stem cell gold ampoule * 2 vials AC stem cell * 1 vial
No.3 deep * 2 vialsEGF Peptide gold ampoule * 2 vialsEGF Peptide * 1 vial
No.3 deep plus * 2 vials/Liquid foundation * 6 vials

​Company IntroductionSimo Beauty Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading innovator of advanced aesthetic medical technologies. The Company’s technology enables physicians to provide excellent solutions for a broad range of medical-aesthetic applications including face and body reshaping, resurfacing skin, eliminating fine lines or wrinkles treating scars.

We are engaged in developing, producing, marketing and supporting high-tech equipment and consumable to all the spas, beauty salons an hospitals around the world. Our company combines researching & developing, production, sales, after sales service together.


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