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Product description

Facial whitening injectable 5ml HA hyaluronic acid mesotherapy serum meso solution

What is mesotherapy?

Modern beauty meso therapy is to use a gun attached with syringe to put a very small amount of nutritional ingredients into skin, as well as through the special meso “gun” to inject the nutrition into subcutaneous tissue.

Meso therapy as a physical, chemical and medical therapy method to give skin a painless and effective stimulus, the subcutaneous tissue can absorb the nutrition directly and quickly, thus to promote the anti-aging and regeneration ability of human body. in accordance with different medical treatment and beauty purposes, the nutrition drug that has been chosen also is not the same.

Advantages of Meso solution

1: Natural ingredients
Extract from the biological tissue, no foreign body sensation and foreign substances.

2: High-tech products
By means of high technology and strict production process, product quality assurance, no rejection and allergic reaction.

3: Simple and safe, fast and effective.
Micro cosmetic surgery without surgery, just dermal hyaluronic acid injection, to avoid the risk of surgery, while micro cosmetic use of local injection hyaluronic acid method, so you can see the effect immediately.

4: Comfort without pain
Micro cosmetic hyaluronic acid injection method, like an injection, only a slight swelling of the local micro pain, no pain, customers are easy to accept.

5: economic benefits
Simo Better micro cosmetic’s costs between daily cosmetology and plastic surgery, the price is cheaper.

Hyaluronic acid itself is a natural substance constituting the body, so that the human body without side effects and rejection. Skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid plays an important role, with 20 to 30 years of age compared to the skin, the body content of 30 to 40 years of age is 75% hyaluronic acid, and only 60% over 40 years, the aging process of the skin to reduce the transparency of human experience hyaluronic acid, and decreased skin elasticity, resulting in fine lines. Then inject hyaluronic  acid can increase water retention capacity, so that the skin moist and translucent.

Therapy Function Principle (How therapy works.)

Meisu instruments (meso gun, microneedle roller, needle-free meisu instrument, etc.) are used to break through the skin absorption barrier, and according to the nursing needs, the cosmetic active ingredients are deeply introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, which are quickly absorbed by the skin tissue and play a role, thus producing curative effect.It can achieve quantitative drug administration, targeted drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, rapid and accurate delivery to the subcutaneous parts to be improved, maximize the cosmetic effect of active ingredients, comparable to the cosmetic effect of plastic surgery, is a major breakthrough in the field of traditional beauty.

According to the different instruments used, meisu therapy is divided into microneedle meisu (auxiliary instrument is meisu gun or microneedle roller) and needleless meisu (auxiliary instrument is needleless meisu meter, also called electrophoresis energy meter and needleless osmotic aid meter).


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