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Product description

Simo Beauty Thread (Lifting PDO Thread) is new lifting technique which injects threads for Strong Lifting Effect and for Enhancement of Cell Engraftment to the treatment areas. Our thread is made of Polydioxanone (PDO), which is safe enough and has been used for cardiac surgery.

Simo Beauty Thread is kind of thread which can lift the loose skin and is a thread can be used in non-invasive cosmetic. Imbedding the absorbable suture under the skin to lift it and to incent the growth of collagens. This treatment is featured with high safety, adjustability, short-term response. Once the thread is absorbed, the collagens starts to grow and this will be last 2 years at most. With this advantage, it will promote more collagens, angiogenesis, blood circulation, skin reproducing and tighten and lift and improve the skin.

Advantage of Simo Beauty Threads

– Strong skin lifting and tightening
– Skin rejuvenation and whitening
– Multiple application with filler/ botox
– Wrinkle removal
– Skin trouble removal
– Safe from side effects
– Short & fearless treatment
– Easy and simple application
– High patient satisfaction
– Rapid recovery

How is the procedure performed?

After cleansing and sterilisation of the face, anesthetic in the form of cream or direct injection can be given to reduce discomfort sensation.The doctor will choose the most appropriate type of threads and place it accordingly at various part of your face. The procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Q1: Is the PDO thread safe?
A: Yes,the thread is 100% absorbable Polydioxanone suture material with strong lifting effects.

Q2: How long does the PDO thread effects last?
A: The PDO thread can be absorbed in about 6-8 months,while its effect is sustainable for about 1.5-2 years.

Q3: What is the MOQ of PDO threads?
A: MOQ is 1bag/size.We accept small order for testing.

Q4: How about the quality of PDO Thread?
A: As the professional factory,we only do best quality threads with CE certificate.

Q5: How long will you do the shipping after payment?
A: In about 3-7days after payment based on the sizes and quantity.


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