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Product description

This is a spiral plug (beauty line) that can be absorbed and dissolved by the body. PDO is a heart suture originally used for heart surgery. In the body, this protein line is slowly dissolved and absorbed, and the stimulation is continued for 6-8 months. skin. The line that is implanted into the lower layer of the dermis of the skin raises the lines of the face according to the spacing and direction of the line. Through the stimulation of the skin itself, the fiber sub-cells in the skin are activated to produce collagen. The product is completely sterilized by EO sterilization gas, and it can be completely melted in the body without any foreign matter.

PDO facial beauty line is an essential material for beauty hospitals.PDO protein line lifting is different from traditional skinning surgery. The high-tech protein line facial lifting is no longer a one-sided emphasis on eliminating wrinkles, but layering the entire facial soft tissue. Because the injected protein line material can pass through the various tissue layers of the face, the selective layering of the sagging tissue can be effectively carried out, which truly solves the unnatural expression caused by the traditional skin peeling due to the tight skin of the skin. And the problem of surgical scars, etc., have a very obvious effect on the double chin, the eye figure, the law pattern, and the outline relaxation. If you are not helpful in sagging wrinkles, you can use the “one step ahead” protein line facial lifting technology to achieve the “rejuvenation” of young metamorphosis.

PDO Thread Lift Advantages

1, PDO can absorb the material, 180 days can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water and absorbed.
2, for polymer materials, biocompatibility, no tissue reaction, no foreign matter residue.
3. The barb is distributed in three dimensions, the lifting effect is strong and stable, and the maintenance time is long.
4, the line body is not dyed, colorless and transparent, buried in the skin invisible.
5, can be used as a scaffold for cell growth, and continuously stimulate the synthesis of collagen.
6, the best performance of the various parts of the PDO line.

How long can a Thread lift procedure to last? 

The “line” of the buried embedding of the face is absorbable, absorbed by the body and added to the daily maintenance, the effect can be maintained for 2-3 years. The aging of the human body is mainly caused by the loss of collagen in the skin, and the principle of embedding enhancement is mainly to stimulate the regeneration of collagen, in addition to the physical lifting, and the new collagen retention time is much higher than its original condition. Some collagen, so even if the embedding effect disappears, it will not accelerate aging, only delay aging.


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