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Product description

PDO Thread suspension and wrinkle removal have little trauma, no bleeding, only local anesthesia. Furthermore, the pdo thread mono screw thread operation is simple, safe and effective, with no trace on the surface and no pain in the patient. The pdo monofilament screw line that is inserted into the skin has no harm to muscle tissue, has no toxic side effect, can also absorb degradation, does not affect the muscle movement.

Mono thread pdo thread lift are injected through a suture which contains a single filament in it that provides a very smooth surface to it for a precise skin lifting and tightening results. The Polydioxanone thread is very easy to be inserted into the human skin in comparison of other devices that is why it gives you more satisfactory and optimal results.

Everyone wants to have the flawless skin to give them the advantage of appearing fresh and stunning. PDO Threads are among all those solutions which are present in the market satisfying the needs of the customers. These PDO Threads comes in different types and as per the skin type and demand of the people, they are being inserted in the skin to bring smoothness in the skin and helps in getting rid of wrinkles.

Areas treated by Mono Threads:

The mono pdo thread lift korea help in improving the smoothness of sagging cheeks, lower jaw, neck, décolletage, tummy bingo wings, and uplift of eyebrows.

Last for:

The results of the magical pdo thread mono treatment are made visible after approx. six weeks and this result lasts up to two years which is quite a long time.

Postoperative care:

Swelling and bruising can appear after the procedure which can be prevented with the help of an ice pack. Touching and tapping the areas which have undergone the treatment for at least a week is restricted.

Mono Threads usage is among those processes which are nonsurgical and fastest growing procedure were taking care of the aging effects is concerned.

Can a patient maintain their appearance once the thread has absorbed? 

One of the great things about collagen face lifting pdo thread is that due to the quality of the thread and the amount of collagen production – micro fibrosis – that is attained even after two or three years is generally very good. After a time, a patient will most likely require more threads to be placed but not as much as with their first procedure as the collagen production will last, therefore, they will require only a few new threads for maintenance.

How long can a Thread lift procedure to last? 

It really depends on which kind of procedure they are going through. The minimum length of time is eight month for some indications, to eighteen months for other indications and some of the threads last up to three years.


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