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Product description

Polydioxanone or PDO is basically a polymer and, it seems, a polymer that the body is familiar with and one that has little to no reaction in the human body. It has been used for surgical suturing for decades and is considered extremely safe to use. Normal polydioxanone is made to be absorbed as in the case of absorbable stitches during surgery, but for cosmetic rejuvenation purposes, it needs more longevity so that it can last for several months to years.

MonoMade with Polydioxanone (PDO) suture is widely used in skin recovery and local compact function for various body and face areas.
Mono screwSingle screw is a single helix, and the pdo screw is raised to the ideal part,which promotes the skin”s tight and nautral anti-wrinkle face. facial double effect.
TornadoMoisturizing, wrinkle, tender skin, shrink pores and enhance the profile.
Tornado screwWith 2 strands of screw shaped sutures can hold skin more tightly and stimulate collagen twice more than normal screw type.
CogCog with 360 degree directional cogs acts to hold the skin like hook when the thread is pulled. It can be applied in the area of face lifting, butt lifting, breast lifting, neck lifting and body lifting.

Can a patient maintain their appearance once the thread has absorbed? 

One of the great things about collagen face lifting pdo thread is that due to the quality of the thread and the amount of collagen production – micro fibrosis – that is attained even after two or three years is generally very good. After a time, a patient will most likely require more threads to be placed but not as much as with their first procedure as the collagen production will last, therefore, they will require only a few new threads for maintenance.

How long can a Thread lift procedure to last? 

It really depends on which kind of procedure they are going through. The minimum length of time is eight month for some indications, to eighteen months for other indications and some of the threads last up to three years.

What areas of the face and body do PDO Threads work best? 

Best selling products pdo thread needle is the natural result they create and the variety of indications we can treat with them. Which is more specific to the face, cheek, marionette lines, etc. Overall the PDO threads work very well on many areas of the face and body including frown lines, eyebrows, periorbital area, as well as the breast, buttocks, knees, and underarms as well.

Are any incisions required with this technique? 

No that is a thing of the past. The new anti-aging single pdo face lift thread do not require incisions and, in most cases, very little if any anesthesia or injectable numbing solution. With our more recent techniques and the quality of the threads we use, most patients are comfortable with a topical numbing cream.


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